Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A random photoshoot

Yesterday (at the crack of dawn - thanks, Miami) I had to register for classes for the fall semester. Because of my major (Early Childhood Ed), and how the program is set up, I didn't have too much to worry about. Everything that I needed to take was blocked out for me, I just had to decide which times I wanted. 

Well, at the last minute I decided to add something "fun" to my schedule - but because I have to travel to schools for 2 weeks of next semester anything additional that I wanted to take had to start after 6 PM. That didn't leave too many choices - in fact, it knocked out both Ice Skating and Social Dance - so, I'll be taking "Beginning Artistic Photography" at the Hamilton campus next fall. I'm really excited about it, and hope that I get a lot out of it =).

So that was the initial bite of the photography bug. Then, it was absolutely gorgeous outside yesterday... So, I dragged (drug?) Alex around campus with me so that I could practice taking halfway decent photographs that don't involve groups of girls in funky costumes doing the "sorority squat". Here are my favorites.... I'd love to hear any constructive criticism! I know they're nowhere near the amazing photos that some of you take, but it was fun to goof around...

Of course, 21 year old males can't be serious ALL the time...

And one more layout from the crop this weekend... The challenge was to "remix" an old layout, so I re-did the "Adore" layout that's further down this page. I promise that I do know the rules of punctuation - my font didn't have apostrophes! =)

The layout itself is round, but I'm not sure if it loaded that way or if it has a white background - so, I hope it looks right!

Have a great afternoon!

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  1. I like the photos! You have a good, natural eye. And Alex is a cutie:).