Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Hoping that everyone had a good Easter weekend! 

On Friday after class, my friends Leslee and Ellie and I treated ourselves to manicures - a nice Friday treat! There's an antique store next to the nail place uptown, so of course I had to wander in... Bought  a McGuffy Reader from 1901 for $24 =). My mom had a little collection of them, so I'm thinking I may give it to her for Mother's Day - otherwise, I'll keep it and start my own collection. McGuffy taught and lived at Miami, so he's a pretty big name around here. Friday night we had a game night and played Partini, which I'd never played before - it was a blast. 

Saturday was a nice relaxing day - my roommate went home for the weekend, so I had the room to myself and did a major "spring clean". Then watched Miami Hockey play in the national final - it was a heartbreaker of a game! We were up 3-1 with a minute left, they scored twice in 40 seconds, and we lost in overtime! We do have a fairly young team - I think 8 freshmen - so maybe next year will be better =)

Sunday morning I drove to Dayton (about an hour away) and spent the day with my aunt and uncle, grandparents, cousin, and her boyfriend - it was nice to see everyone! We had a yummy dinner, and I even got some leftovers to bring home ;-). 

I'm hoping to scrap a little bit this afternoon - the weather is really bleh and kind of cold, so curling up inside sounds good to me! Some recent layouts... 

Have a great day!



  1. Your layouts are awesome!!! I have some projects in my head to do too - check out my blog here, http://alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com

    hugs bonnierose

  2. sounds like you had a lot of fun! great layouts!

  3. I'm having a manicure later this week :)

    One of my favorite scrapbook stores is in Dayton. Great LOs!

  4. Section leader is a big deal. My DD is in colorguard...this is first "band" layout I've ever seen. thanks for posting!

  5. These are really cute layouts!! Very original!

  6. Cute layouts! Welcome to the blogging world! :)