Saturday, April 18, 2009

My last few days have been....

... Interesting, to say the least.

Wednesday night I went to Hobby Lobby to by scrapping stuff to make an album for my "big" (who happens to be tinier than me; see pictures on the big-little reveal LO below). I was planning on spending about $40. 

Well, you know how Hobby Lobby is.... especially when I had been buying only digital stuff for so long. It was all so pretty, and I swear some of it just *leaped* into my cart. 

You can't see it all too well in the picture, but there's an album, 2 packages of paper (a stack and just plain cardstock), and wayyy too many nifty embellishments  in my little haul. Whoops. Also, ignore the strange table and carpet; they're in the basement of my dorm. My room isn't currently in scrapping (or doing much of anything besides dodging piles to get to the bed) condition. 

Thursday morning, my roommate and I traveled to the University of Dayton, about an hour away. I wanted to see my high school indoor drumline participate in WGI finals (there's a little glimpse into my geek-dom) and she decided to ride along to meet up with her best friend from high school. It was great to see some high school friends, and we even stopped at Target on the way home - I may have picked up some goodies for a door prize for the online crop over at 2peas tonight ;-) - and some other essentials like 100 Calorie pack Milano cookies. Yum.

All was well and good, until we got back to Miami and I had to go move my car. Then this
happened. I (the blue car) had parked rather crookedly and was looking all over the place as I backed out, thinking "this doesn't feel right". Sure enough, about 2.2 seconds later, THUNK, and I met a fellow Dorsey Hall resident rather up close and personal. I felt (and still feel) absolutely horrible, but she was super-sweet about the whole thing. Her parents are coming up to Oxford this weekend, and will let me know what they want to do from here. The damage on my car isn't bad - it really is only the white scratches; that photo has a ton of glare on it that makes it look like I put the car through a paper crimper - but the door panel on hers looks pretty bad.

Since then, I've been laying low and just getting some last-minute things organized for the crop this weekend. I did a few layouts last night, but I'm not thrilled with them... I think I'm going to play a little more. 

I'm off to go for a run - it's SO nice outside! - then clean this room so that I can actually *move* during the crop tonight and tomorrow. Would anybody be interested in seeing dorm room photos? That could be boring, I know. Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts =). 

If you have some time this weekend, head over to the General Scrappin' board on 2peas! Monica_blain and I have worked hard on this crop, and hope to have lots of participation. 6-10 pm (EST) tonight and 8 am - 8 pm (EST) tomorrow.... Lots of challenges - and a 2peas gift card with each challenge! Maybe even some extra surprises thrown in there ;-).

Oh, before I forget - someone asked what paddle painting was. Here's the paddle that I made for my big - ignore the glares, they're where there is clear glue. 

Have a great afternoon!


  1. Bummer about the fender bender! But it happens to all of us! I backed into someone a month or so ago, when I was leaving the YMCA. The horrible part is the car I backed into was a rental, the poor girl who was driving it had her car in the shop cause someone had backed into her at a restaurant just a few weeks before!!! Luckily it was more of a tap and there was no damage to my tahoe or her car. But I know how you feel. I felt like a complete heel and couldn't stop apologizing. Good luck with the crop. I wish I could participate but I am knee deep in laundry and housework that has been neglected far too long! Have fun!!

  2. HL is so much fun.. it's a dangerous place indeed!

  3. Hobby lobby is very dangerous. I cant go in there anymore unless i have those coupons lol.
    I send my hubby haha. He just goes and gets what i ask him to get (meany) Im so sorry about your car! DOnt feel so bad though I one time Hit my bosses truck. RAN RIGHT BACK INTO IT. I was so mad at myself. cannot believe i did that. accidents happen. just be glad no one was hurt.